About Me
I am a mother of three and have always wanted to be a mom. Similarly, I knew that my dream job was to have a preschool in my home, even before I had completed by Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development, some ten years ago. The inspiration for my preschool’s name came from a very special child in my life. When I left for college I had the wonderful opportunity to help my sister and brother-in-law raise their five children while I was attending school. My oldest nephew was a year old when I entered my freshman year and I immediately became “Auntie Em.” At that point, I knew when I opened my own preschool one day I wanted to name it “Auntie Em’s Preschool” and give that same aunt-like attention and support to each child in my classroom. 

I have 9+ years experience teaching preschool. I began as a college student teaching in the lab school at Southern Utah University (SUU). After graduation with my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Development I was hired on as the head teacher at the SUU lab school. After a couple of years, I moved up to director of the program where, each school year, I was responsible for educating and/or mentoring 50 preschool students, 30-60 college student teachers, and the university program’s lead teacher. After I left SUU, I taught as a Head Start Teacher for the Davis County School District in northern Utah.

In addition to holding a BS in Early Childhood Education, I have received training from NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System), and several other DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practice) courses.