Schedule may vary from day to day as I try to follow the lead of my students to give them the best experience possible. If I have something planned and the children are not engaged, we will change what we are doing and move on to something else. On the other hand, if I have something planned or the children take interest in something, I will allow them to spend as much time needed to explore.

Typical Schedule

9:00 Puzzles, books, pre-selected activities

9:25 Morning Circle (Weather, calendar, pledge, songs, etc.)

9:40 Table Activity  (Literacy, math, science, fine motor, art, etc.)

9:55 Bathroom/Wash Hands

10:00 Snack

10:20 Learning Circle

10:35 Table Activity (Literacy, math, science, fine motor, art, etc.)

10:50 Self-Select

11:30 Gross Motor

11:45 Closing Circle