“Engaging Educator”

“Emily is without a doubt the most enthusiastic, talented, and knowledgeable preschool teacher I have had the pleasure to work alongside. Emily was my direct supervisor for two years at Southern Utah University Lab Preschool, and I continue to be in awe of her ability to connect with every child and to make each school day an exciting learning adventure. In addition to being an engaging educator, Emily genuinely and regularly connects with every family she serves, is a conscientious steward of a safe and clean preschool environment, and has an uncanny ability to attend to the little details that make a preschool run smoothly and happily. I would send my children to her for preschool in a heartbeat, knowing that they would develop not only a strong academic foundation but also learn to care for others in the same way that Emily cares for each of her young students.”

Trynn H.

“Tenderness and Compassion”

“Two of my daughters had the privilege of having Miss Emily as their teacher. They really enjoyed learning through play. It was so great having someone teach them with tenderness and compassion in their early years. They flourished learning through song and activities and little science experiments. They still talk about how they brought in boxes and built a city once. They remembered the fun times and that has stuck with them through their Elementary years. Miss Emily was a joy to work with as a parent as well. I picked up a few tricks on how to help my children with letter recognition and still sing the songs today with my younger one.”

Kim C.

“She is wonderful”

“We had the pleasure of having Emily as our daughter’s preschool teacher, and our youngest had the chance to have her for a few days throughout her preschool journey. Preschool is such an important step in preparing kids for the coming years. Our little girl is in 3rd grade now, and still talks about Miss Emily and the things she taught her, the songs they sang and loves her so much. If you have a chance to allow Emily to teach and care for your child, which she absolutely will, you will be blessed. She is wonderful, and one of the few teachers that I wish could follow our girls through their years in school.”

Jamie H.

“Learning Through Play”

“I had the privilege of working with Emily when she lived in Utah.  We were co-teachers for Davis School District’s Headstart Program for almost 4 years.  She has a genuine love for the kiddos she teaches and provides a nurturing environment that allows and encourages children to learn and grow in a safe, comfortable, and developmentally appropriate environment.

Learning through play is one of Emily’s strengths, the kiddos often times are learning and not even realizing that they are because they are having so much fun in the process.  Her classroom is filled with hands on learning experiences.  The activities are purposeful to create an environment that encourages social experiences through play and discovery and always age appropriate.

The kiddos in her class are encouraged to make friends, communicate with classmates and establish and build positive relationships all while developing literacy and math skills.

Communication is important to Emily.  Emily knows that working as a team with her kiddos families is vital to each child’s success.  She lets parents know what is happening in her classroom, she shares what she observes and shares the progress of each child.  She encourages families to connect learning at school in the home environment and is always willing to foster the learning that is happening at home within the classroom.

Emily is the teacher I would want for my own grandchildren!!!!”

Grammy Tami