“Engaging Educator”

“Emily is without a doubt the most enthusiastic, talented, and knowledgeable preschool teacher I have had the pleasure to work alongside. Emily was my direct supervisor for two years at Southern Utah University Lab Preschool, and I continue to be in awe of her ability to connect with every child and to make each school day an exciting learning adventure. In addition to being an engaging educator, Emily genuinely and regularly connects with every family she serves, is a conscientious steward of a safe and clean preschool environment, and has an uncanny ability to attend to the little details that make a preschool run smoothly and happily. I would send my children to her for preschool in a heartbeat, knowing that they would develop not only a strong academic foundation but also learn to care for others in the same way that Emily cares for each of her young students.”

Trynn H.